Episode 4

Hur "läcker du" i din kommunikation?

Published on: 18th May, 2022

I minipoddformatet berättar Carin Coach på 5 min om hur medvetna tekniker kan hjälpa dig att påverka ditt tillstånd. 

T ex stressande situationer. Det gör i sin tur att du kan öka din medvetenhet om vad, när, hur och varför du "läcker" i din kommunikation. För läcker gör du - det gör vi alla - hela tiden, mer eller mindre medvetet. 

Poddavsnittet representerar en tredjedel av WOW -konceptet där Elisabeth Bövik tar hand om utsidan, sen fyller Carina Ridenius på och sist ut är Carin Coach som talar om insidan och professionell coaching.

In och lyssna - det finns en magnifik tankepaus i dessa 5 minuter. Den är cool, tycker jag.

Vad vill du höra mer om - vad vill du fråga mig - som gäller den där spännande insidan?

Call-to-Action: Tipsa en vän om Presentation (Skills) Q&A. Sprid det goda ordet och skicka länken till trailer avsnittet.

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About the Podcast

Presentation (Skills) Q&A
Presentation (Skills) Questions and Answers
Carina Ridenius, former singer and now voice coach. Today an ace in presentation, information, communication and performance. Martin Lindeskog podcast expert and one of the first podcasters in Sweden. He has been active in the podcasting field since 2006, a great tea lover with a huge interest in the presentation and rhetoric field.

Now we level up our English speaking podcast, Presentation (Skills) in Plain English, with over 10 000 downloads, to Q&A. Dear listeners, now it is your turn to ask the questions you always wanted to ask; the dodgy ones, the hard ones and the embarrassing ones regarding presentation, information, communication and performance.

Presentation technique is a huge topic and people from all over the world have different approaches to it. In many countries it is a natural part of school from an early age, while in other parts of the world the practice sessions are quite few.

So now it’s time for Presentation (Skills) Q&A. Send your question to info@pik.nu and get your answer in the podcast.
Listen and learn more about presentation, communication and performance. We look forward to hearing from you.

About your hosts

Carina Ridenius

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Carina Ridenius, former operasinger and vocal coach.
Now runs a business and are the expert in the presentation-, information- and communication field. She works with all the parts of a presentation, voice, breathing technique body communication, target group and content and gives you the tools to be the speaker you always wanted to be.
She had written 3 books in Swedish in the field, and she gives lectures for individuals and companies.
As a client said "I have learned soooo much! I'm overwhelmed and impressed by her knowledge. She has a lot of humor and a twinkle in the eye. It has been the most fun learning time ever.

This is her second poddcast and here you can asking questions and get the correct answers.

Martin Lindeskog

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Creator, ✍🏻 Tea Book Sketches. Indie Biz Philosopher ⚛️ & New Media 📲 Advisor, TeaParty.Media. Blogger since 2002 and podcaster🎙since 2006. First podcast: EGO NetCast. Latest podcast: High Five for Hemp. Support 💲My Work and 🗽 Freedom of Expression: https://bio.link/lyceum